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European Resuscitation Council points to motivated learning and repetition as the foundation of learning. LSW BEST PRACTICE © offers these.

The five obvious advantages of LSW BEST PRACTICE ©

Life Saving World follows the latest trends within teaching and we are proud to mention, that we are frontrunners in implementing e-learning. We follow European Resuscitation Council’s guidelines about first aid and implement their recommendations regarding teaching methods.

European Resuscitation Council points to motivated learning and repetition
as the foundation of learning. Life Saving World’s digital platform offers self study and the opportunity to maintain one’s knowlegde through engaging exercises.

The possibility for repetitive learning means a minimal reduction in retained knowledge. A LSW BEST PRACTICE © course participant is always up to date about first aid and safety, making him or her better equipped to act when an accident happens.

The forgetting curve

Research published in British Medical Journal shows that course participants attending traditional first aid courses forgets half of their acquired knowledge within a few months, unless they consciously review the learned material. To stop the decline in retained knowledge LSW BEST PRACTICE © offers continuous training. Every third month course participants receive an invitation to refresh their knowledge at LSW BEST PRACTICE © e-learning platform. Here the course participants can test their knowledge in different subjects. If a subject is failed the course participant can redo the e-learning in the specific subject.

Time saved is money earned

With LSW BEST PRACTICE © the client gets a flexible and time-optimized first aid course. The digital platform enables course participants to study during off-peak periods. Well prepared participants allows for a time-optimized practical course with a first aid instructor. Meaning that the client has to pull employees from the daily operation in substantial lesser time.

By offering theoretical education as e-leaning you will be able to teach more courses in the same amount of time as you did before. Your time will be dedicated to the most important part of education: engaging course partici- pants in hands-on tasks.

Reporting made easy

LSW BEST PRACTICE © eases ISO certification and CSR documentation by offering digital documentation. Making it easier for the client to archive goals such as Safety First, Accident Free Days and Zero Harm.

Home is the most dangerous workplace

The majority of accidents happens in the home. With the LSW BEST PRACTICE © digital platform the course participants are able to engage their family in the learning experience. Thereby creating a new sense of safety and confidence in the family, which is a vital component for happy employees.

Digital media supports the instructor

European Resuscitation Council (ERC) highlights blended learning as a highly effective method of training course participants, who are laypersons, in BLS/AED. At Life Saving World we believe that the future of education is in blended learning. That’s why we have developed LSW Best Practice ©.

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